Tuesday, February 28, 2006

This is not good for my rage!

Just about a year ago I posted about a certain company who I have done business with since college. I really do love their products.

I recently ordered myself a new calendar from them - recently as in THREE WEEKS ago. I haven't recieved it. My last three emails to them have gone unanswered, as has Bubblehead's voicemail to them earlier today.

As you can see by my previous post about them, I have always been nothing less than happy with them, but this has got me so mad! I understand that sometimes the postal service leaves out the "service", and problems happen, however the fact that I am basically being ignored makes me furious! They have had my money for 3 weeks! I have nothing to show for that.

Not to mention the fact that I am basically a big kid, my id just barely masked by many years of education and longs hours on my parents' part. Meaning I am impatient and selfish and I want what I want the way I want it - when I want it! It is hard enough for me to wait the usual 5-7 business days you'd expect when ordering something online.

I am going to give them another day or two, (gritting my teeth the entire time)to respond to the voicemail before I start filing a complaint with the better business bureau. I do feel bad that it's come to this, because this is a company I would like to continue to patron. Unfortunately their products are generally only found in university bookstores and large office supply stores, so I pretty much have to go through the internet for this. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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