Friday, July 29, 2005

Where I'm from

I am from small towns, from Kraft macaroni and cheese, and love.

I am from the split level, all-American, cozy warmth of a fireplace on a winter evening.

I am from snap dragons and bleeding hearts, from rocks worn smooth by centuries of water flow.

I am from hot chocolate after a day of skiing and summer mountain hikes. From anal retentiveness, sensitivity, and strength, from Cosima, and Ole and Campbell.

I am from the fidgety and analytical.

From "sit in your soup and eat your chair", and "always do your best".

I am from "non-mormons". From basic goodness and the Ten Commandments, and "do unto others..."

I'm from Wyoming and Norway, from paella and homemade vanilla ice cream on the fourth of July. I'm from my very own Green Gables, and Tom Sawyer over lunch.

From two people who left "the old country" for America, only to meet each other here and marry; from the man who bought a farm and changed his name. From the tragedy of a murder/suicide no one understands, and from German, and English, and Scottish immigrants looking for a better life.

I am from my mother's hope chest, and a large plastic file box full of old letters, from my great-great grandmother's photo albums full of unlabeled, unknown faces, still priceless in the mysteries they may hold, and from hand-written notebooks documenting the branches of my family tree.

I found this here
Name: Christine
Location: Wyoming, United States
I'm the Mom of two. They drive me crazy. I love them dearly. I want one more. I'm not insane, yet. My hubby says I'm a snob with an inferiority complex. There is more to me than being a mother. I just don't remember any of it.

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