Monday, October 25, 2004

Hurt feelings...

I'm having trouble with my sister-in-law. She and I have been good friends since before she married my brother 4 years ago. In fact I consider her and my bro to be my best friends. Then suddenly I moved back "home" (where they live) and now things seem to be different. I don't know what happened.

I won't go into too much detail here. I've been over it all in my head a hundred times. She tends to be kind of wrapped up with herself and things going on in her own life. She's pregnant now, and seems to be having a hard time with that. Every time I see her she's down. She can't seem to muster even small pleasantries anymore with me. I feel really hurt and pushed aside. I don't know if I should just give up, or if I should keep trying. I've tried to get together with her for about two months now, but she always cancels on me for one reason or another, and I'm just tired of it.

What is it about a person that makes them so easy to cast aside? What is it about a person that makes them invisable?
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