Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It came to me in a dream

Do you ever hear songs in your dreams? I do occasionally. Most of the time it's because the song is on in the background somewhere and seeps in, but once and a while a song will sneak in on it's own.

One morning I woke up from a dream, and although the details were sketchy then (and completely gone now) I distinctly remember hearing this song (Mr. Blue by Yaz) playing in my mind:

I'll come to you at night
When all the world is sleeping tight
And lie beside you, till the early morning dew.
You can't hear me, you can't see
But you can feel me when you read
The folded letter she left addressed to you.

I'm Mr. Blue
I'm here to stay with you
And no matter what you do
When you're lonely - I'll be lonely too.

In that state between asleep and awake I expected to hear the song on the radio when I woke up, but to my surprise the room was silent. I had dreamed the song. What's even stranger is I had only heard the song once or twice before, and quite a bit of time had past since then. Because of that, I thought there must be some meaning to it.

Because of the lyrics I found it comforting. I don't know why I dreamed it - perhaps someone somewhere was sending me a message? Maybe it didn't mean anything at all, but that song has always sounded haunted to me since, and special.

I had a similar exerience with the song Dammit by Blink 182, in which my brother and I (as adults) were running around the freezer section of a grocery store. Oddly enough, I think this one had a deeper meaning as well. :)
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