Thursday, August 11, 2005

Day Three - continued

Things took a turn for the worse when I insisted on eating leftovers for lunch. I tried to hold my ground, but I must admit I was a bit afraid of them, and shaken from their sudden change in behavior.

They pelted me with Mega Blocks, and I retreated to the living room, where they worked together to shut me in the closet. Here I sit. They feasted on fruit snacks and goldfish crackers (I think they are saving those cookies for dinner.) Amazingly they decided a nap was in order, but slept in shifts to keep their eye on me.

Unfortunately Bubblehead has the cell phone with him, so I have no way to call for help. I happened to have my PDA on me, which is how I am able to blog in a dark closet.

They just brought me a can of carrots and some dry rice. I suppose this is my meal ration for the day.

When I hear quiet, I will attempt my escape.
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