Friday, August 12, 2005

Day Four

It's going to be a rough night. I'm staying awake lest they try a sneak attack. Now I think I'm beginning to hallucinate from lack of sleep.

I was able to calm them down and let me out of the closet only after promising cotton candy for dinner, and an 11:30pm bedtime.

When we called Bubblehead to say goodnight I told him what they are doing to me, but they denied it flat out to him, and I don't think he believes me. He told me to just put them to bed. (He underestimates their power and strength!)

Once they were asleep I began on my plan of defense. I have stock-piled the Care Bears, and will hold them for randsom (the cookies that are fueling their power trip.) To get Little Man's attention I have Thomas, Percy, and Gordon, and will only release them in exchange for a 2 hour nap.

I am stocking a few items in the closet, and have decided to make that my base of operation. I've befriended Jack, a red kick ball, (who I think is a distant cousin of Wilson). Jack says I should just sit quietly and try not to attract attention to myself, or I may find myself being kicked around the backyard. He also said something about waffles, Barney, and the Red Sea. Maybe it's the delirium, but he seems to know what he's talking about.

So I'll just sit here in the closet with Jack and wait for them to wake up.

Uh, what was that?!?!
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